Lit Kits are augmented reality edutainment products for makers 13+. Each Kit brings analog tactility to digital Literacy and the spatial web to STEAM education.

Lit Kits meet the real world needs of young people 13+ by leveraging the ubiquity of mobile devices to deliver multimodel literacy curriculum in media tech focused maker-kits. Pairing paper and pixels through the magic of augmented reality, Lit Kits help young people transform passive media consumption into active media creation wherever they live, learn and play.


mixed-reality edutainment

Lit Kits put media technology into context for makers through storied content and collectables that explain:

What is the same?

Lit Kits put technology into context through storytelling.

What is unique?

Lit Kits provide young people new perspectives on media environments and the skills for self-expression and meaning-making.

What is possible?

Lit Kits support young creatives inshaping the future of media byimaging possible and problematicuses of emerging technologies.

What we’re up to

Maker-kits currently in development focus on:

The Animated GIF

Artificial Intelligence

XR/AR/VR (Extended Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

Why we’re doing it

STEM/STEAM education and products have overlooked media technology and ignored the internet. Oversaturated with coding, tinkering and science experiments, siloed from digital environments and online communities. But these are the very things driving interest in STEM and the arts for young makers and future media industry professionals. Lit Kits centre play and elevate the role of arts and culture in shaping media technologies affecting every aspect of our lives.

Who we are

karen darricades, founder

Lit Kit Founder karen darricades is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and independent media producer. Lit Kit’s play-based STEAM activities are based-on 15+ years of media literacy education from her youth-serving non-profit arts organization Never Gallery Ready, winner of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s 2022 Arts for Youth Award. She sits on the Artist Advisory Board of the 3rd largest Augmented Reality platform, Artivive. When she’s not working directly with young people to foster digital literacy and creative play, she’s expanding conversations about the role of media technology as host of the #WeMakeMedia podcast: a podcast about how the culture we produce shapes media, and how that goes both ways.

Liza Miller

Sales and Logistics

Miniature massive

Design, Creative, Web.

Ken Ogawa

Designer & Illustrator.

Gold bug interactive

App Development.

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